Storage bag

The Armrest Bag offers additional storage space for Kmini users, providing a convenient solution for personal items.

seat cushion

Standard Seat Cushion The Standard Seat Cushion ensures a basic yet comfortable seating experience for Kmini users. Latex Seat Cushion The Latex Seat Cushion is an optional accessory for Kmini that offers enhanced comfort through latex material. Seat Under-Board The Seat Under-Board is a supportive element integrated into the Kmini’s seating system for added stability.… Continue reading seat cushion



Electric Single Footrest The standard Electric Single Footrest for the Kmini provides essential support and comfort, ensuring a customizable fit for users. Electric Dual Footrest The Electric Dual Footrest is an optional accessory for Kmini that enhances support and flexibility for users, accommodating different preferences during use. Simple Dual Footrest The Simple Dual Footrest for… Continue reading footrest


2A Charger (Standard); 4A Charger (Optional): The 2A Charger comes standard with the Kmini, providing efficient charging. Users also have the option to upgrade to the 4A Charger for faster charging capabilities.


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