Patient Transfer Device KY3-76

Patient Transfer Device KY3-76

Elevate Patient Transfers: KY3-76 Medical Transfer Bed - Effortless Movements and Intelligent Integration

Transform patient care with the KY3-76 Medical Transfer Bed, seamlessly integrating vertical and horizontal movements, automated controls, weight management, and adaptive stability. This innovative bed ensures effortless transfers, prioritizing patient comfort and caregiver efficiency. Safety is enhanced with an intelligent anti-tipping system, offering versatile options for different environments. Real-time electronic weight display facilitates precise medication dosing, and electric assistance wheels ensure smooth maneuvering. KY3-76's versatile platform integration accommodates monitoring devices, elevating overall patient care during transfers. Redefine healthcare excellence with KY3-76 – where innovation meets efficiency.


Revolutionize Patient Transfers with Our Advanced KY3-76 Medical Transfer Bed

Effortless Vertical and Horizontal Movements, Automated Controls, Weight Management, Adaptive Stability, Intelligent Anti-Tipping, Electric Assistance, and Versatile Platform Integration – Elevate Your Patient Care Experience.

Vertical & Horizontal Movement

Effortless Bed Transfers, No Manual Handling Required

Adaptive Center of Gravity

Stability Throughout Patient Transfers with the Adaptive Center of Gravity System

Automated Operation

Wired Controller and Wireless Touchscreen for Easy Controls

Intelligent Anti-Tipping System

Three Anti-Tipping Options – Blocks, Supports, and Intelligent AntiTipping Catering to Varied Transfer Needs in Different Environments

Weight Management

Real-time Electronic Weight Display, Tailored Medication Design

Electric Assistance System

Effortless Maneuvering with Electrically Assisted Wheels

Versatile Platform Integration

Accommodates Various Monitoring Devices for Comprehensive Patient Care during Transfers

Move Dynamics

Gravity Adaptation

Automated Operation

Anti-Tipping System

Weight Management

Electric Assistance

Platform Flexibility

Optional Accessories

Disposable Medical Transfer Pad

Modular Stretcher①

Spinal Sling②

Disposable Positioning Pad Cover

Folding Tr Pad
1.Modular Stretcher (Carbon Fiber Zipper Style)

The modular stretcher is a reusable sling, combining a zipper and an extendable rod to maintain rapid assembly and disassembly features. It is suitable for specific groups with special needs such as fractures and postoperative care to prevent body compression and enhance comfort.

2.Spinal Sling(Requires Additional Spinal Sling Board)

Primarily designed for post-lumbar surgery and patients with special requirements; it prevents body posture deformities and mitigates secondary injuries.

3.Folding Transfer Pad

Tailored for patients with specific needs, such as lumbar injuries or postoperative care, to prevent body compression and enhance comfort.

Technical Specifications

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Item Specification
Overall Length 115cm / 45.28″
Maximum Speed 6km/h / 3.73mph
Net Weight 55kg / 121.25lbs
Overall Width 58cm / 22.83″
Obstacle Clearance ≤8cm / 3.15″
Weight Capacity 100kg / 220.46lbs
Overall Height 98cm / 38.58″ (excluding headrest)
Slope Capability
Battery Capacity 15Ah/30Ah
Seat Height 44cm / 17.32″ (excluding cushion)
Front Wheel Diameter 8in
Travel Range 20km/40km
Seat Width 45cm / 17.72″
Rear Wheel Diameter 12in
Turning Radius 90cm / 35.43″
Seat Depth 42cm / 16.54″

Product Documentation

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  • KY3-76-Electric Transfer Device-Manual


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