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Meet the Team Behind Transformative Mobility Solutions, Guided by Compassion and Innovation

About Kangni Smart

Established on August 18, 2016, Kangni Smart is a distinguished subsidiary of Nanjing Kangni Electrical & Mechanical Co., LTD. (Stock Symbol: 603111). We specialize in the research, development, manufacturing, and distribution of Power Wheelchair, mobility scooters, medical electric transfer vehicles, electric hospital beds, and other medical devices and rehabilitation aids. Our expertise extends to providing comprehensive solutions, covering the design, planning, and implementation guidance for integrated application scenarios.

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Meet the Team Behind Transformative Mobility Solutions, Guided by Compassion and Innovation.

Efficient Production Chain

Our modern facility, spanning 60,000 square meters, streamlines the production process from raw material to assembly.Ensures top-quality products, faster cycles, and quick delivery. Kangni Smart delivers reliable products efficiently, meeting customer demands

Flexible Customization Services

Kangni Smart offers personalized customization and modular assembly services for existing products, supporting clients in bringing their designs and creativity to life. We maintain flexibility and competitiveness in a dynamic market by actively responding to unique customer needs.

Outstanding R&D Design

We have a comprehensive technical innovation system, attracting top talent across fields like mechanics, electronics, and software. Our national postdoctoral research station and key laboratories help us adapt to market changes and provide innovative solutions to our customers.

Global Technical Support

We have service points in multiple countries to offer users a comprehensive product experience and localized after-sales support, ensuring professional technical assistance throughout usage.

Globe Customer Service Center

Get top-notch support at our Global Customer Service Center, serving you across 24 countries with multilingual expertise and a commitment to exceed your expectations

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