Range and Additional Battery

The KZ1 offers two lithium battery options: 10A for a 10 km range and 20A for 20 km. Extra batteries cannot be added

Airplane Travel

Yes, it complies with civil aviation regulations, with 6.5Ah and 10Ah lithium batteries meeting the requirements.

Speed and Adjustability

The speed is adjustable, with a maximum of 6 km/h as per national regulations.

Differences Between Magnesium Alloy and Aluminum Alloy

: Magnesium alloy is lighter, stronger, and more resistant to electromagnetic interference than aluminum.

Weight and Battery Weight

The KZ1 weighs 18 kg without the battery. The 10A battery is 2.5 kg, and the 20A battery is 4 kg.

After-Sales Service and Warranty

The frame has a 5-year warranty, motor and controller have a 1-year warranty.

Obstacle Clearance Capability

It can clear obstacles up to 2.5 cm and climb slopes of up to 9 degrees.

Bluetooth Control

Yes, it has Bluetooth control capabilities.

Braking System

The KZ1 is equipped with an electromagnetic braking system; releasing the handles stops the wheelchair automatically.

Color Options

Silver, blue, green, red, and black are the color choices.

Manual Pushing

Yes, after disengaging the electromagnetic brake, it can be manually pushed.

Folded Size for Carrying

When folded, it's suitcase-sized at 26 inches, easily fitting into the trunk.

Wheel Material and Puncture Handling

The KZ1 has puncture-proof solid rubber wheels; minor punctures require no special treatment.

Minimum Turning Radius

90 cm (35.4 inches).


It features dual charging ports for the controller and battery.

Storage Options

Accessories like a wheelchair backpack can be hung on the backrest for storing daily items.

Aesthetic Features

It boasts a clean and coordinated appearance with a hidden wiring design.



The KMINI features adjustable footrest angle and length, seat rotation, manual rotation, and an intelligent safety lock

Obstacle Clearance and Speed

It can clear obstacles up to 8 cm, cross 12 cm trenches, and climb 15° slopes with a speed of 6 km/h.

Rotation and Brake

It has manual rotation and an electromagnetic brake that engages when the controller is released.

Weight Capacity and Weight

It can carry up to 100 kg and weighs 55 kg

Manual Pushing

Yes, by disengaging the electromagnetic brake, it can be manually pushed.

Wheel Type

It has puncture-proof solid rubber tires.

Minimum Turning Radius

90 cm (35 inches).

Material Composition

It's made of aluminum alloy.

Backrest Adjustment

The maximum backward tilting angle is 150°.

Battery Range

It comes with a 15Ah lithium battery, providing a range of 20 km


Maximum Weight Capacity

120 KG (Customizable).

Disassembly Capability

The main frame cannot be disassembled, but the accordion box can be detached.

Equipment Weight

47 KG.

Height Adjustment

42-64 cm.

Weight Capacity of Each Sling and Combined

Each sling cannot bear weight independently; they must be used together, supporting up to 120 KG.

Transportation After Purchase

It can be transported in a small truck, van, or a purchased bath car.

Is the Bathtub Provided?

As a live streaming benefit, a bathtub and an inflatable pump can be provided.

Can it be Used with Home Beds?

If there is a 15 cm gap under the bed, it can be used.

Water Source for Bathing

It can be connected directly to a water heater with a hose or used with a mobile water heater

Is the Mobile Water Heater Included or How Many Liters to Buy?

The water heater needs to be purchased separately, with a recommended capacity of 60 liters.

Can the Stretcher be Disassembled? How to Store, and How to Handle When Wet?

The stretcher can be disassembled, and it should be air-dried when wet, avoiding direct sunlight.

Depth of the Bathtub

15-25 cm, with two options available.

Maximum User Height for Bathtub

180 cm.

Drying the Bathtub After Use

Drain the water and air-dry to prevent direct sunlight.

Extension of the Bathtub for Tall Users

No, it cannot.

Material of the Stretcher

The stretcher is made of aluminum alloy, and it does not rust if wiped and air-dried.

Main Structure Material

External: 304 stainless steel, Internal: Aluminum alloy, Honeycomb aluminum profiles.


Frame: 3 years, Motor/Controller and Electronic control: 1 year, Battery: 6 months.

Repair Procedure

Spare parts can be mailed; remote video teaching is available. National service centers provide door-to-door services.

Charging Time to Full

1 hour.

Duration on Full Charge

Approximately 60 times.

How to Inflate the Bathtub

An inflatable pump is provided as a live streaming benefit.

Handling Cold in Winter Bathing

Raise the room temperature with an air conditioner or heater before bathing. Keep the skin

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