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    KS1 Full Function Electric Wheelchair

    Elevate Your Mobility Experience with Ultimate Comfort, Versatility, and Tailor-Made Innovation

    Introducing the KS1 Electric Wheelchair, your go-to solution for easy and comfortable mobility. Check out its eleven cool features designed to make getting around a breeze! Swap out the backrest hassle-free, sink into the ergonomic cushion, and zip through tight spots effortlessly with the swing-away controller. Need to tuck it away? No problem! The backrest folds electrically, making storage a breeze for your everyday adventures. Get more miles and peace of mind with the Battery Management System, and stay visible and safe with bright brake lights. Elevate your independence effortlessly with adaptive seating, relaxation mode, and cloud connectivity. Craft your ideal mobility experience with KS1.

    Kmini Durable Power Chair

    Your Ultimate Solution for Easy, Comfortable, and Personalized Freedom!

    Discover the Kmini Electric Wheelchair, designed for an easy and comfortable ride. With eight innovative features, including easy-change backrest, comfy cushion, and smart battery system, enjoy a breezy journey tailored to your preferences. Upgrade to the Kmini Compact Electric Wheelchair for a comfy ride wherever life takes you! Explore personalized comfort with adjustable backrest, pedal length, and angle. Additional features like a controller with a screen, swivel wheel lock, and shock absorber enhance your journey. Experience easy storage, swift battery removal, and a transformative lifestyle. Empower your mobility – contact us now for a more convenient, enjoyable lifestyle

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    Established on August 18, 2016, Kangni Smart is a distinguished subsidiary of Nanjing Kangni Electrical & Mechanical Co., LTD. (Stock Symbol: 603111). We specialize in the research, development, manufacturing, and distribution of Power Wheelchair, mobility scooters, medical electric transfer vehicles, electric hospital beds, and other medical devices and rehabilitation aids. Our expertise extends to providing comprehensive solutions, covering the design, planning, and implementation guidance for integrated application scenarios.

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