KY1 Patient LIfter

KY1 Patient LIfter

Revolutionizing Caregiving for Effortless Transitions and Precision Care

Introducing the KY1 Electric Patient Lifter – a multi-functional care assistant device designed for seamless reclining, sitting, and postural transitions. Elevate efficiency and enjoy hassle-free bed baths, empowering caregivers with a futuristic solution. Effortlessly shift between diverse postures using accessories like slings, coupled with integrated precision weighing for accurate patient data. Revolutionize caregiving by providing comprehensive care, including personal hygiene and rehabilitation support. KY1 brings joy to bed baths and personalized care, setting a new standard in the future of caregiving.


Revolutionize Caregiving with The KY1 Electric Patient Lifter

Effortless Care at Your Fingertips: Introducing a Multi-functional Care Assistant Device for Seamless Reclining, Sitting, and Postural Transitions. Elevate Efficiency and Enjoy Bed Baths Without Hassle. The Future of Caregiving is Here. 

Seamless Shifting

Effortlessly transition between reclining, sitting, and diverse postures using a variety of accessories such as slings or flat stretchers.

Precision Weighing

Integrated weight management system with 0.1KG accuracy, facilitating seamless integration of patient weight data into Healthcare Information Systems (HIS) or electronic health records. Easily monitor health conditions, nutritional absorption, and fluid balance for informed medical decisions and caregiving strategies.

Hassle-Free Bathing 

Empower a single caregiver to provide comprehensive care for bedridden patients. Enjoy bed baths without the need for movement or transfers, bringing back the joy of bathing for those unable to leave their beds.

Aid in Personal Hygiene

Supplementary accessories like washbasins and breathable slings assist caregivers in providing hygiene services, including washing hair, while maintaining a reclined position. The ventilated sling facilitates toileting for bedridden individuals.

Rehabilitation Support

Customize bed positions using adjustable slings to reduce the risk of pressure ulcers. Tailor-fit ventilated slings for specific stages of immobility, enhancing targeted support throughout different phases of rehabilitation.

Technical Specifications

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Lifting Range 40cm /15.75″
Overall Length 86cm/33.86″
Handheld Control Yes (LCD Display)
Safe Load Capacity 120kg/264.5lb
Overall Width 59cm/23.23″
Net Weight 47kg/103.62lb
Overall Height 168cm/66.14″
Frame Material 304 Stainless Steel
Power Input AC220V/50HZ/IA
Minimum Packaging Quantity 1 unit (Standard)

Product Documentation

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  • KY1 Patient Lifter  User Manual

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