Kmini Durable Power Chair

Kmini Durable Power Chair

Your Ultimate Solution for Easy, Comfortable, and Personalized Freedom!

Discover the Kmini Electric Wheelchair, designed for an easy and comfortable ride. With eight innovative features, including easy-change backrest, comfy cushion, and smart battery system, enjoy a breezy journey tailored to your preferences. Upgrade to the Kmini Compact Electric Wheelchair for a comfy ride wherever life takes you! Explore personalized comfort with adjustable backrest, pedal length, and angle. Additional features like a controller with a screen, swivel wheel lock, and shock absorber enhance your journey. Experience easy storage, swift battery removal, and a transformative lifestyle. Empower your mobility – contact us now for a more convenient, enjoyable lifestyle


Introducing the Kmini Durable Electric Wheelchair – your go-to solution for easy and comfortable mobility. Check out its eight cool features designed to make getting around a breeze!


Easy-Change Backrest

Swap out the backrest hassle-free with its quick removal design. It’s all about making your ride just the way you like it.

Comfy Cushion

Sink into the ergonomic cushion – it’s all about feeling good and keeping comfy, no matter where you’re rolling.

Swing-Away Controller

Zip through tight spots effortlessly! After folding the controller, getting into narrow spaces is a piece of cake.

Fold for Storage

Need to tuck it away? No problem! The backrest folds electrically, making storage a breeze for your everyday adventures.

Smart Battery System

Get more miles and peace of mind with the Battery Management System. It’s like having a personal battery bodyguard.

Safety Brake Lights

Stay visible and stay safe! Bright brake lights warn others when you’re slowing down, giving you that extra layer of protection.

Easy-Turn Handle

Spin that seat around with the super-easy rotational handle. Maneuvering has never been this smooth!

Sturdy Tire Performance

Roll over bumps and obstacles with confidence! The solid PU tires make your ride comfy, shock-free, and give you the grip you need.

Upgrade to the Kmini Compact Electric Wheelchair for an easy, breezy, and comfy ride wherever life takes you!

Comfort Enhancement Features: Tailored for You

Discover a new level of comfort and convenience with these personalized features – your comfort, your way.

Adjustable Backrest (0° to 160°)

Find your perfect position with the Adjustable Backrest, reclining up to 160° for personalized comfort.

Adjustable Pedal Length

Customize your ride with the Adjustable Pedal Length, ensuring your feet find the ideal spot for a comfortable journey.

Adjustable Pedal Angle(0° to 70°)

Tailor your driving experience with the Adjustable Pedal Angle, allowing you to set the perfect angle for your feet.

Rotatable Seat

Experience flexibility with the Rotatable Seat, allowing you to easily turn and access different directions without any hassle.

And what’s more……

Controller with Screen

Intuitive LED screen for real-time data. Customize and monitor speed, battery, and modes for a safer, personalized journey.

Swivel Wheel Lock Function

Opt for enhanced maneuverability. Lock caster wheel direction with a button press, ensuring effortless navigation and precise control.

Shock Absorber + Lock

Smooth, comfortable ride with shock absorber. Locked state adds stability during transfers, ensuring safety on various terrains.

Easy Storage & Transportation

Kmini Power Wheelchair is detachable, facilitating convenient storage and hassle-free placement in vehicle trunks. This design not only reduces weight but also ensures individual components are lightweight for effortless handling.

Swift Battery Removal

Experience efficiency with the quick removal battery feature, allowing for swift and effortless battery changes, enhancing the overall usability of the wheelchair.

Elevate Your Mobility, Transform Your Lifestyle!

Empower your journey with the Kmini Electric Wheelchair. It’s time to embrace unparalleled comfort, freedom, and adaptability. 

Technical Specifications

Dig deeper into product attributes to see how we can fit your

Item Specification
Overall Length 115cm / 45.28″
Maximum Speed 6km/h / 3.73mph
Net Weight 55kg / 121.25lbs
Overall Width 58cm / 22.83″
Obstacle Clearance ≤8cm / 3.15″
Weight Capacity 100kg / 220.46lbs
Overall Height 98cm / 38.58″ (excluding headrest)
Slope Capability
Battery Capacity 15Ah/30Ah
Seat Height 44cm / 17.32″ (excluding cushion)
Front Wheel Diameter 8in
Travel Range 20km/40km
Seat Width 45cm / 17.72″
Rear Wheel Diameter 12in
Turning Radius 90cm / 35.43″
Seat Depth 42cm / 16.54″

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