KS1 Full Function Electric Chair

KS1 Full Function Electric Wheelchair

Elevate Your Mobility Experience with Ultimate Comfort, Versatility, and Tailor-Made Innovation

Introducing the KS1 Electric Wheelchair, your go-to solution for easy and comfortable mobility. Check out its eleven cool features designed to make getting around a breeze! Swap out the backrest hassle-free, sink into the ergonomic cushion, and zip through tight spots effortlessly with the swing-away controller. Need to tuck it away? No problem! The backrest folds electrically, making storage a breeze for your everyday adventures. Get more miles and peace of mind with the Battery Management System, and stay visible and safe with bright brake lights. Elevate your independence effortlessly with adaptive seating, relaxation mode, and cloud connectivity. Craft your ideal mobility experience with KS1.

Introducing the KS1 Multi-Functional Electric Wheelchair – a cutting-edge mobility solution that combines innovative features for an unparalleled user experience. Take control of your mobility with 11 advanced functionalities designed to enhance comfort, convenience, and overall well-being.

KS1 Multi-Functional Electric Wheelchair – Redefining Mobility forUltimate Comfort and Versatility

Seamless Maneuverability: Power Seat Rotation

Effortlessly navigate tight spaces, switch directions, and overcome obstacles with ease. Perfect for busy urban environments and indoor use.

Ultimate Relaxation Anywhere: Relaxation Mode

Transform your wheelchair into a soothing rocking chair for a leisurely experience at home, in parks, or during outdoor events.

Adaptive Support for Varied Needs: Pedal Length Self-Adaption & Adjustable Pedal Angle

Automatically adjust pedal length based on your leg dimensions, and adjustable pedal angle providing adaptive support for users with varying leg lengths.

Personalized Seating: Adjustable Backrest

Tailor your seating position with a power-adjustable backrest angle, promoting personalized comfort during daily activities and journeys.

Pressure-Free Seating for Extended Comfort: Pressure Relief Seating

Utilize zero-gravity space capsule technology to evenly distributepressure, reducing the risk of pressure ulcers during prolonged use.

Empowering Independence: Mobility Boost Mode

Assist with sitting and standing, promoting knee joint flexibility and leg muscle strength. Enhances daily activities, fostering independence.

Elevate Your Perspective: Elevating Seat Feature

Elevate your viewpoint for barrier-free eye-level communication. Perfect for social interactions, ensuring seamless conversations without obstacles.

Upgrade your mobility with the KS1 Multi-Functional Electric Wheelchair – Your Key to Effortless Comfort and Independence!

KS1 Multi-Functional Electric Wheelchair – Elevate Your Mobility Experience!
  • Adaptive Slope Seating

    Intelligent adjustment of the seat surface horizontal level to ensure safe and comfortable driving on ramps

  • Elevating Seat Feature

    With an adjustable range of 0 to 22 cm or 0 to 45 cm, this feature utilizes non-inductive lift technology to facilitate barrier-free eye-level communication. It significantly enhances users’ self-esteem and confidence.

  • Power/Manual Seat Rotation

    It allows the wheelchair’s driving wheel to smoothly switch back and forth. It can handle obstacles up to 8 cm in height and gaps up to 10 cm in width. Additionally, it offers a 90° seat rotation for lateral movement of the wheelchair.

  • Relaxation Mode

    The Power Leisure Lift transforms the wheelchair into Relaxation Mode, providing a comfortable and relaxed state for the user, enhancing the overall quality of life.

  • Adjustable Pedal Angle

    Tailored to users’ sitting habits, the pedal angle can be easily adjusted with a power range of 0-75±5°, ensuring a customized and comfortable driving experience.

  • Pedal Length Self-Adaption

    To accommodate different user needs, the pedal automatically adjusts based on the length of the user’s legs, ensuring optimal comfort.

  • Adjustable Backrest

    Meeting individual preferences, the backrest angle is power-adjustable within a range of 0~150±10°, allowing users to find their most comfortable driving position.

  • Pressure Relief Seating

    This feature adjusts the seat surface angle for even pressure distribution, reducing the risk of pressure ulcers and promoting overall body health.

  • Mobility Assist Mode

    This function aids individuals with sitting and standing, helping with knee joint flexibility and leg muscle strength. It promotes independence, reduces joint wear, and enhances self-esteem.

What’s more, empowering mobility with SOS and Cloud Platform integration for enhanced safety and connectivity.

  • SOS Emergency Assistance: Navigate with peace of mind using the KS1 Multi-Functional Electric Wheelchair’s integrated SOS feature. In times of emergency, a simple press of the button activates an immediate distress signal, alerting caregivers or emergency services. This critical safety feature enhances user security, providing swift assistance when needed most.

  • Cloud Platform Connectivity: Experience a new level of convenience with the KS1’s Cloud Platform Integration. Seamlessly connect your wheelchair to the cloud, allowing users and caregivers to access real-time data, track usage patterns, and receive remote diagnostics. Stay connected and in control, ensuring a personalized and efficient mobility experience.

Customizable Feature Combinations: Tailor Your Mobility Experience

Explore the versatility of the KS1 Multi-Functional Electric Wheelchair with its 11 distinctive features. Mix and match functionalities to create a personalized mobility solution that perfectly aligns with your unique needs and preferences. With the freedom to combine these features, you have the power to craft a wheelchair that enhances your comfort, convenience, and overall well-being. Design your ideal mobility experience with the KS1 – where customization meets innovation.

Technical Specifications

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Item Specification
Overall Length 115cm / 45.28″
Maximum Speed 6km/h / 3.73mph
Net Weight 55kg / 121.25lbs
Overall Width 58cm / 22.83″
Obstacle Clearance ≤8cm / 3.15″
Weight Capacity 100kg / 220.46lbs
Overall Height 98cm / 38.58″ (excluding headrest)
Slope Capability
Battery Capacity 15Ah/30Ah
Seat Height 44cm / 17.32″ (excluding cushion)
Front Wheel Diameter 8in
Travel Range 20km/40km
Seat Width 45cm / 17.72″
Rear Wheel Diameter 12in
Turning Radius 90cm / 35.43″
Seat Depth 42cm / 16.54″

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