KangniSmart Collaborates with Jiangsu Civil Affairs for Elderly Care Project

KangniSmart Collaborates with Jiangsu Civil Affairs for Elderly Care Project

With the acceleration and deepening of the aging population, it is urgent to promote the improvement and efficiency enhancement of elderly care services to meet the increasingly diverse service needs of the elderly.
Public elderly care institutions are the most concentrated places for the elderly, especially those who are elderly, disabled, or semi-disabled. Their daily lives depend on the care provided by nursing staff. However, according to research, most public elderly care institutions only have simple shower rooms and lack professional bathing equipment and personnel for special groups of elderly people, making it difficult to meet the actual needs of these elderly people for bathing care.
In 2023, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Civil Affairs used the provincial lottery public welfare fund to implement the “Jiangsu Province Public Elderly Care Institution Pilot Construction Standard Assisted Bathing Room Project.” Currently, 40 public elderly care institutions in our province have been included in the pilot project, with plans to construct standardized and exemplary bathing facilities.

In the past few days, staff from Kangni Smart have successively visited 11 elderly care institutions in Huai’an and Yancheng. They conducted on-site training for the elderly care institutions that have purchased Kangni Smart KY1 multi-position reclining electric transfer machines.

Kangni Smart staff are on-site explaining to the facility’s leaders and nursing representatives the integrated solution of the KY1 Multi-position Electric Transfer Chair for transferring and bathing in bedridden care scenarios, and conducting practical demonstrations.

The introduction of intelligent bathing equipment into use is making bathing safer, more comfortable, and happier for an increasing number of people in need. Kangni Smart will also focus on industrial innovation and creation, making concerted efforts to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the bathing industry.

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